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Joy Tabernacle

Joy Tabernacle Church serves as one of Flint’s most unique urban non-denominational congregations. Sometime referred to as the “urban hip” Church, most of its many members are young, unwed, under employed and has the largest youth male audience in the city. Astoundingly, the young church has responded to the gospel of Christ amid their many personal struggles and past life failures.

In one of Flints most abandoned and poverty-stricken areas, the church serves today as a beacon of life and hope for hundreds who live in what has been reported as one of the poverty stricken and dangerous cities in America. All around the church area are signs of revitalization and restoration because of the intense commitment of the church to make a difference inwardly, externally in the international community.

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Joy has also emerged on the international scene through planting a fast-growing ministry in Kampala, Uganda. Joy Tabernacle, Uganda is a growing vital ministry of the Joy Tabernacle Church, USA and promises to yield many souls for the Kingdom in the coming years.

Robert S. McCathern

Founder / Pastor
810-234-8790 / 810-814-4447

Aaron C. Dunigan

Assistant to Pastor

Associate Ministers

Alan Briscoe, Assistant to Pastor
Lovell Coleman, Associate Minister
Reba Douglas, Associate Minister
Minister Shanay Kidd
Noah Patton, Associate Minister
Michael Stephens, Associate Minister
Damian Williams, Associate Minister
Micheal Colston, Associate Minister